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Mebust, Kirsten

Mebust learned to pray by taking a course in writing poetry (and is still a beginner at both). Her children made it necessary to go to Luther Seminary, because they asked theological questions she couldn't answer when they were preschoolers. My mentor and most frequent theological discourse partner is Paul Sponheim. She studied 19th century theology at Vanderbilt University and Whiteheadian philosophy and process theology at Claremont Graduate University. Samuel Taylor Coleridge's claim that imagination is a repetition in the finite mind of the infinite act of creation haunts her relationship with doctrine and worship. Mebust teaches mostly first-year college students as an adjunct instructor at Augsburg College, and learned much of she knows about collegial community as a visiting member of the faculty at Augustana College from 2009 to 2011. Bruce is her partner in marriage, children, and householding, and has a great deal of patience and plenty of stories about the circus.

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