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James Cone, Founder of Black Liberation Theology Has Died


"Cone is best known as the father of black liberation theology. In his ground-breaking works, Black Theology & Black Power (1969); A Black Theology of Liberation (1970); and God of the Oppressed (1975), Cone upended the theological establishment with his vigorous articulation of God’s radical identification with black people in the United States. His eloquent portrayal of Christ’s blackness shattered dominant white theological paradigms, and ignited a wave of subsequent American liberation theologies." -- Union Theological Seminary New York City

James, 79, died April 28, 2018. He came to Holden Village in 1972 and was a member of our teaching faculty. We have two audio recordings made at that time.

Black Theology and Reconciliation (46:25)
  James Cone, Holden Village, 1972

Social Context of Theology (38:51)
  James Cone, Holden Village, 1972