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Wold, Marge

In her youth, Marge Wold struggled with faith, life's meaning, and her role in the world. As a result, all her life she has challenged the dominant culture to be inclusive, relevant, and responsible. She made a difference in her many roles: as scholar, advocate for women and children, church executive, PLTS Board Chair, wife, mother, and passionate worker for justice. Dr. Wold studied Greek and Bible at Luther College preparing to be a Bible teacher, only to be told, "Women can't do that!" She found inspiration in the story of Jacob's wife, Rebecca. This story encouraged her to stand up to the naysayers and to forge ahead to where she saw God pointing her way. Several years later, as executive director of the American Lutheran Church Women, she was instrumental in the ALC's recommendation to ordain women and to seek full participation for all women in the church.

(Bio from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary honoring Foremothers, March 10, 2010.)

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