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Vegdahl, Rolf

Rolf is a musician, composer and music teacher. He plays guitar, piano and concertina. Rolf has been on Holden Village staff in various capacities: Lead Cook, Village Musician, and Registrar.


Impressions of Korea

Presenter: Vegdahl, Rolf / 1986

House Husbandry

Presenter: Vegdahl, Rolf / 1994

Concert with Rolf Vegdahl and Mike Lundstrom January 13, 2001

Presenter: Vegdahl, Rolf / 2001

Concert May 2010, Rolf Vegdahl and Friends Farewell Concert

Presenter: Vegdahl, Rolf / 2010

Folk Festival 2015: Songwriters Talk About Song Writing

Presenter: Vegdahl, Rolf / 2015

Rolf Vegdahl Farewell Concert August 3, 2021

Presenter: Vegdahl, Rolf / 2021

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