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Van Sandt, Craig

I grew up in a farming community in Missouri, which had 4,000 people then, and still has 4,000 inhabitants—many of them the same. Because both of my parents were well known in the community, I felt the need to escape after high school. I attended TCU in Fort Worth, where I met my wife, Patti. We have three grown children, a daughter who leads wilderness expeditions for physically and mentally challenged people, and twin sons. One is a banker in Chicago, while the other is in grad school at Ohio U. I am a business professor at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, but my wife has a much more interesting profession—ask her about it when you see her! We love to camp (from here we will go to a state park in Wisconsin to be campground hosts for the month of July) and boat, both motorized and in kayaks. We are vitally concerned with social justice issues, and my primary teaching focus is on the role that business plays in society.
This is Patti’s and my first time at Holden Village, and we are very excited to meet new people and explore the beautiful surroundings.


Rise and Fall of Social Institutions

Presenter: Van Sandt, Craig / 2010

The Market as God

Presenter: Van Sandt, Craig / 2010

Humans' Dominion Over the Earth

Presenter: Van Sandt, Craig / 2010

Business and Government and/in Peace

Presenter: Van Sandt, Craig / 2010

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