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Tongue, Steve

Hailing from Alpena, Michigan on beautiful Thunder Bay of Lake Huron, the Tongues have brought their love of music as a family to both worship and stage settings.
Steve has nearly 40 years experience as a pianist performing a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, blues, gospel and folk music. At church, he has led adult and children’s choirs. Outside of church, Steve leads his own jazz quintet (“Jazz Planet”) and serves as Musical Director for Thunder Bay Theater – a local professional theater company. He is also founder and director of a twelve-voice acapella chorus called the “New Day Singers.” Steve is a mechanical engineer whose “day job” is as Director of Facilities for Alpena Regional Medical Center. He formerly served as Operations Manager at Holden from 1991-1994.


Musical Vespers

Presenter: Tongue, Steve / 2006

Vespers August 19, 2009 (Vespers '07)

Presenter: Tongue, Steve / 2009

Vespers August 26, 2009

Presenter: Tongue, Steve / 2009

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