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Swanson, Gerry

Gerry and his wife, Jan Bowman, honeymooned at Holden as work campers in 1962. Since then, Holden has been a wellspring of encouragement, challenge, and guidance for both of them. Gerry served at California Lutheran University from 1969 until 1999, 17 years as University Pastor and 13 years directing the Learning Resource Center. Retirement has given him time to grandparent, tutor non-native speakers, and organize a local Fellowship of Reconciliation chapter in Ventura County. He is also an oblate of St. Andrew’s Abbey and is drawn to inter-faith opportunities.
(Bio from summer 2005)


Passages in Homosexual Lives

Presenter: Swanson, Gerry / 1987

Story of the Earth: Human Presence

Presenter: Swanson, Gerry / 1993

The New Story of the Universe

Presenter: Swanson, Gerry / 1993

Reinhabiting the Earth

Presenter: Swanson, Gerry / 1993

Story of the Universe: Taking Heart

Presenter: Swanson, Gerry / 1993

Benedictine Spirituality: Setting One's Foot on the Benedictine Way

Presenter: Swanson, Gerry / 2005

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