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Sherry, Cooper and Sarah

Cooper Sherry got his start on the organ bench, watching with his 7-year-old-eyes as the pastor’s wife played Bach after each service. From there he was hooked, studying organ and choral conducting in college, teaching middle school choir classes in the years to follow, and always keeping a church job so he could do what he loves most. In recent years, he has become a full-time church musician, heavily influenced by the global music of Bread for the Journey and by his wife Sarah, with whom he has begun to write hymns. Sarah teaches statistics but has an interest in hymns, their text and relevance to people today. She and Cooper have been collaborating on new hymns.


Celebrating New Hymns

Presenter: Sherry, Cooper and Sarah / 2019

The Quiet Presence of the Dark

Presenter: Sherry, Cooper and Sarah / 2020

In Seasons Past, Now Long Ago

Presenter: Sherry, Cooper and Sarah / 2020

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