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Secor-Turner, Molly and Scott Harpin

Molly is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and Department of Public Health at North Dakota State University. She also serves as the Director of Programs for the non-profit organization, For the Good PERIOD. Her research examines the influence of social context on adolescent health. In particular, she uses her research to advocate for the health and well-being of adolescents from a human rights perspective. Her research bridges across place through the universal experience of adolescence from rural North Dakota to rural Kenya and among high-risk youth in Fargo.
Scott is an associate professor at the University of Colorado College of Nursing. His 17 year career in public health nursing includes working with the most at-risk children and adolescents in Minneapolis and Denver. His research examines youth risk behaviors and mental health promotion particularly among the most vulnerable in our communities. He received dual masters degrees and PhD from the University of Minnesota.


Creating Healthy Environments for Youth with Molly Secor-Turner and Scott Harpin

Presenter: Secor-Turner, Molly and Scott Harpin / 2018

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