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Sayler, Gerri

At age 55, I turned my life upside down and backwards to return to college for a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at the University of Idaho. Since graduating ten years ago, I’ve been creating site-specific installations for museums and galleries across the Northwest. That's after raising two sons and career in writing and marketing. My studio practice is my spiritual practice. I use fibers as sculptural media to explore ideas associated with the cycles of nature and the nature of time. Most recently, I’ve been inspired by this region’s remarkable geophysical history of lava flows and glacial flooding. Journal writing has long kept me steady as I ventured forth on the curlicue, hopscotched, lopsided path of my life. I visiting Holden Village in the spring of 2013 as an artist-in-residence, and am thrilled to return this summer to coach journal writing as a spiritual practice. My husband, Kenton Bird, and I live in Moscow, Idaho, where we are full-time caregivers for two perpetually weird cats.


In the Village: Journaling as a Spiritual Practice with Gerri Sayler

Presenter: Sayler, Gerri / 2016

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