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Poellet, Michael and Paul Friesen-Carper

Michael Poellet is the pastor of King of Glory Lutheran Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and teaches philosophy and theology at the University of Saskatchewan. Whether he is human is a summons often asked by his students and sometimes his spouse, Renita Falkenstern, the Lutheran Campus Chaplain at the university.
(Bio from summer 2004)
The Friesen-Carper family is a quartet of musicians with eclectic tastes and good intentions. Daughter Sarah sings soprano and plays viola and percussion. A recent psychology graduate from Valparaiso University, she is currently working as an Admissions Counselor at Valparaiso University and is planning to attend seminary. Son Paul, baritone and is a junior voice major at Valparaiso. He is an accomplished singer/songwriter, also plays guitar, bass, and cello. Michelle, alto and plays flute, electric bass, and percussion. An experienced teacher and teacher/trainer, she is Principal of Morgan Township Elementary School and Vice President of Trinity Lutheran Church Council. Dennis sings tenor and plays keyboards. He is Reddel Professor of Music at Valparaiso University where he directs the orchestra and teaches composition.
(Bio from summer 2002)


Theme Vespers: I am with You Always: Featuring the Paul Friesen-Carper orchestra/ jazz/ rock group

Presenter: Poellet, Michael and Paul Friesen-Carper / 2006

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