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Mortha, Sunitha

Sunitha Mortha is from a city called Hyderabad in the South Central part of India. Sunitha feels privileged and honored to testify to the wondrous works of God in her life, through her stories and dance. She believes that she could dance before she could walk and loves to share God's joy through her dance!
She worked several years in Cross cultural youth ministry in India by coordinating social work projects. After her Master's in Cross-Cultural Ministry at Luther Seminary in Minneapolis, she worked at Youth Encounter as the Director for International Team Ministry before joining ELCA Global Mission Unit. She currently serves as the Director for Global Formation – Program in Chicago at the ELCA church wide offices.


Icebergs & Arranged Marriages

Presenter: Mortha, Sunitha / 2009

Moving our Center of Gravity

Presenter: Mortha, Sunitha / 2009

Vespers August 27, 2009

Presenter: Mortha, Sunitha / 2009

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