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Lopez, Elisa and Monica Valle

Elisa’s passion for the natural world started at a young age. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and began nourishing her connection to the outdoors as well as helping others build their connection in 2018. Through her work with Team Naturaleza, Elisa is creating a space where the Hispanic/Latinx community can gather, learn about the environment bilingually, and gain a sense of belonging in the outdoors. Elisa’s favorite outdoor activities include paddle boarding, revisiting natural spaces and noticing changes, birding, and journaling.
Monica has enjoyed the outdoors since a young age. The outdoors is a place where she can find peace and feel whole.


Meet Team Naturaleza with Elisa Lopez and Monica Valle

Presenter: Lopez, Elisa and Monica Valle / 2021

Team Naturaleza: Creating Access to the Outdoors

Presenter: Lopez, Elisa and Monica Valle / 2021

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