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Jones, Chastity

Chasity is in the graduate degree program at Boston University School of Theology in their Master of Divinity program and is considering ordination. Originally from Louisiana, she has a long interest in Black women’s health and began a yoga program in Seattle as well as something similar in Boston. She became a Krista Colleague while a Community Organizer at Faith Action Network in Seattle and Global Ministries in the United Methodist Church. She has recently launched Fourth Wave Revolution in an attempt to educate as well as decolonize! For the last five years, she has done this through various ways: sermons, adult Sunday schools, workshops, individual and collective consulting, yoga and mindfulness, support groups, and more! It was her hope to one day give birth to a movement that would transform the way we engage in anti-oppression and anti-racism work while maintaining and in some cases self-recovery. Her papers presented to academic religious conferences (The American Academy of Religion) are receiving highly favorable responses. She’s also very interested in understanding how traditional African-oriented practices in spirituality are shunned often within the black church community. She considers herself a Womanist theologian, a decolonizer, and a liberationist.


Decolonizing the Church and Centering the African-American Experience with Chasity Jones Selenga

Presenter: Jones, Chastity / 2021

God Created Them In

Presenter: Jones, Chastity / 2021

Exploring Hagar's Story

Presenter: Jones, Chastity / 2021

Motherhood in the Context of Survival

Presenter: Jones, Chastity / 2021

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