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Jezreel, Jack

Jack received his B.A. in Religion and Philosophy from Furman University and his Master of Divinity degree from the University of Notre Dame. For five years, Jack was a member of a Catholic Worker community, during which time he helped supervise a soup kitchen and three hospitality houses for men and women who were homeless. He later also became interested in sustainability issues and organic agriculture. Jack has worked for over thirty years in parish social ministry. For eight of those years, Jack served as the Minister of Social Responsibility at Church of the Epiphany in Louisville, Kentucky where he developed the JustFaith program, a formation program that prepares participants for the work of charity, solidarity and justice, now used in parishes across the country. Over fifty thousand people in over 120 dioceses across the country have participated. Jack is the founder of and Senior Advisor for JustFaith Ministries, which creates and supports formation processes intended to inspire commitment to social mission. Jack is the author of "A New Way to Be Church: Parish Renewal from the Outside In" (Orbis Press).


Social Responsibility with Jack Jezreel

Presenter: Jezreel, Jack / 2019

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