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Jacobson, Paul

After preparing himself for a career in church music and composition at St. Olaf College, Union Theological Seminary School of Sacred Music, University of Edinburgh, and Columbia University, Paul became an ecclesiastical fugitive. He has spent much of his career as a baroque flutist and has had the good fortune of performing with several of this country’s premier baroque orchestras. Paul co-founded a baroque orchestra in Minnesota two-dozen years ago and has just retired as its executive director. Now, coming full circle many years later, he finds himself writing hymns and leading worship and music experiences at Lutheran gatherings. At the beginning of Paul's career in composition his music was far-out avant-garde (weird, some might say), but now he invokes the classical age of Lutheran hymnody with a 21st century twist.


Amazing Psalm Settings by Stravinsky and Bernstein

Presenter: Jacobson, Paul / 2009

Concert July 3, 2009

Presenter: Jacobson, Paul / 2009

Exploring Music in the Midst of Life: Sebastian and the Flute

Presenter: Jacobson, Paul / 2012

Exploring Music in the Midst of Life: The Hot Dish of Music

Presenter: Jacobson, Paul / 2012

Exploring Music in the Midst of Life: Polyphonic Voice – Why Music Matters with Chris Scharen

Presenter: Jacobson, Paul / 2012

A Millennium of Hymnody with Paul Jacobson

Presenter: Jacobson, Paul / 2018

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