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Jacob, Mel

Mel, a Lutheran pastor, accepted a Veterans Administration chaplaincy position. There, he became an Assistant Clinical Professor with the Department of Psychiatry–Medical College of Georgia. He was the Chaplain of the V.A.’s 1st Vietnam Vets Ward, a noted MCG Grand Rounds speaker, and a first published author on pastoral care of Vietnam vets and PTSD. Mel is mostly identified as the Founder/Developer/Executive Director of Lutheran Counseling Services (LCS).


Dealing with Ambiguous Loss with Mel Jacobs

Presenter: Jacob, Mel / 2019

A Time to Mourn "What"

Presenter: Jacob, Mel / 2019

Living in a Time of Ambiguity

Presenter: Jacob, Mel / 2019

Re-forming in "Such" a Season of Life

Presenter: Jacob, Mel / 2019

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