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Hess, Mary

Mary Hess has been an environmental engineer for the last 32 years. She has assisted communities with public health issues and industries with environmental policy paradigm shifts. She has mentored children and adults in developing healthy visions for themselves and our world. Although she does not have an education degree, she has enthusiastically taught Sunday school at Christ The Servant Lutheran Church, Math and Chemistry afterschool programs, Environmental Education at Lutherwood, various subjects as a Girl Scout Leader, and many young adults how to be ethical environmental engineers.


Being Creation's Advocate with Mary Hess

Presenter: Hess, Mary / 2018

Humans Relationship to Creation

Presenter: Hess, Mary / 2018

Creation and Your Community

Presenter: Hess, Mary / 2018

Being Creation's Advocate

Presenter: Hess, Mary / 2018

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