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Gilje, Kristen

Kristen Gilje has worked as Holden’s Artist in Residence for 6 years, where her interest in art as an expression of the sacred finds a home. You will find her banners and artwork displayed throughout the village. She enjoys many media, including oils, acrylics and hand painting on silk, but is most experienced with watercolors. Before coming to Holden she taught art to youth and adults, and specialized in watercolor portraits of children. Kristen is at Holden with her two daughters and husband, and enjoys hiking, canoeing, and sitting in silence in the woods or on her porch with a friend.
(Bio from summer 2004)


Expressing the Sacred Through the Visual Arts

Presenter: Gilje, Kristen / 2002

Living Liturgy: Art, Community and the Word

Presenter: Gilje, Kristen / 2002

Sacred Time, Holy Ground: Liturgical Art

Presenter: Gilje, Kristen / 2004

Vespers July 13, 2004 – On the New Banner: Pain and Suffering

Presenter: Gilje, Kristen / 2004

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