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Falkenstern, Renita

Renita Falkenstern is a pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada serving as campus chaplain at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since 1996. Canadians always “take off their shoes” when they enter someone’s home but they like to keep their tuques on. If you don’t know what a tuque is, you need to learn! In April, Renita began serving as interim pastor at a little country church 20 minutes outside of Saskatoon where she has the opportunity to work with people who are younger than 18 and older than 30 which is a welcome change from campus ministry. (Students never insist that you take home some baking with you.) When she is not doing “ministry stuff,” Renita is probably practicing yoga, reading Luther, listening to jazz, or going to a movie with her partner, Michael Poellet.
(Bio from summer 2005)


Life of Pi, a Novel by Yann Martel: Book Discussion

Presenter: Falkenstern, Renita / 2004

Suffering Summons

Presenter: Falkenstern, Renita / 2004

Eucharist July 5, 2009

Presenter: Falkenstern, Renita / 2009

Vespers July 5, 2011

Presenter: Falkenstern, Renita / 2011

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