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Evers Hood, Ken

Ken pastors Tualatin Presbyterian Church and is the author of The Irrational Jesus: Leading the Fully Human Church and the forthcoming The Irrational David: the Power of Poetic Leadership. A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and Duke Divinity School, Ken seeks to understand not simply how Christians should behave (in the abstract) but how Christians actually behave in real life. To do this he explores behavioral economics, game theory, and decision theory. Ken also studied conversational leadership with poet David Whyte and sees poetry as the place where these ideas come to ground and lead to real conversations.


The Irrational Jesus: Understanding Our Full Humanity

Presenter: Evers Hood, Ken / 2018

Playing Church: Game Theory, Community, and Justice

Presenter: Evers Hood, Ken / 2018

Words Against Which We Have No Defenses: Poetic Leadership

Presenter: Evers Hood, Ken / 2018

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