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Buggeln, John

John grew up in Michigan where he learned to love exploring, running, skiing, and reading in the woods. In college in Vermont he did a lot of hiking and studying in the Green and Adirondack Mountains.
John received a master’s in religion from Yale Divinity School, earned a doctorate in history from Indiana University-Bloomington, and taught history at a Catholic high school in Delaware. He teaches humanities, directs the Global Studies Institute, and coaches sailing at Culver Academies.


Why Do We Go into the Wild?

Presenter: Buggeln, John / 2009

How Do We See Nature?

Presenter: Buggeln, John / 2009

Where Is Our Place in Nature?

Presenter: Buggeln, John / 2009

The Nature of America

Presenter: Buggeln, John / 2009

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