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Bjerke, Mark

When I was very young, my family moved to Southeastern Washington state, and I grew up only a couple hundred miles from Holden. Soon after learning about Holden Village, I applied for and was accepted to be on the volunteer staff for the summer of 1966. Then… I kept coming back. During the last 45 years I have volunteered for periods ranging from a week to 3 months in duration, and during various times of the year. All of my assignments have been involved with the operations portion of the Village. I enjoy sharing some of my experiences from the early years.
(Bio from 2011)


An Evening of Holden History: with Mark Bjerke

Presenter: Bjerke, Mark / 1990

Holden Tales, Some Short, Some Tall – Part 1

Presenter: Bjerke, Mark / 2011

Holden Tales, Some Short, Some Tall – Part 2

Presenter: Bjerke, Mark / 2011

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