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Archibald, Jo and Brian Buchanan

Jo teaches Environmental Resources Engineering at Humboldt State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Biological and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University, where she focused on watershed modeling and hydrology. Prior to graduate school, she served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in a rural shepherding community in Morocco, working to increase access to clean water.
Her research focus is on creating tools to help optimize water-related decisions. While at Cornell, Jo developed a web-based watershed model to help farmers determine the high-pollutant risk areas to avoid spreading manure before runoff events. She also helped to develop the EcoHydRology package in R – an open-source toolbox for ecological and hydrological data analysis. Most recently, she has been conducting research to optimize stream-barrier removal in New York State.
Brian conducts research in hydrology and water resource management. His Ph.D. was earned in the Natural Resources Department at Cornell University in 2013. His professional research interests focus on sustainable water resource management, geospatial analyses, ecology, and stream restoration.


Stream Connectivity

Presenter: Archibald, Jo and Brian Buchanan / 2021

Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources

Presenter: Archibald, Jo and Brian Buchanan / 2021

Assessing a River

Presenter: Archibald, Jo and Brian Buchanan / 2021

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