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Wimberly, Lee

Lee Wimberly is a first-time author with his book "Exploring the Gap Between Science and Religion". Lee’s interest in the relationship between science and religion grows out of the stark contrast between his Christian early education and an under-graduate degree in philosophy.

Finding no “in-house philosopher positions” after graduating, Lee went to work for Boeing Company as a technical writer. There he developed a mixture of a technical education, analytical skills, and writing skills.
In July 2007, Lee retired from the Boeing Company to complete writing "Exploring the Gap". Lee feels these skills as technical writer and systems analyst have proven useful in developing Exploring the Gap. He has joked for many years that he has a “neurotic need to “explain things”, and his new book supports that premise.

In addition to the book, Lee has developed a seminar with the same name. As with the book, he uses what he has learned about communication to engage members of the audience in learning and growing as they explore the gap between science and religion.

When he is not writing or sailing, Lee works on such issues as ending homelessness, ending the war in Iraq, and furthering God’s justice in the world.

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