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Wolbrecht, Timothy

Tim is an ordained ELCA pastor; a Washington State licensed counselor, a certified mediator, and a professional transition specialist with over forty years of parish ministry experience in both ordained and non-ordained positions. He is a therapist/counselor, consultant, workshop leader, trainer, and coach assisting individuals, and organizations to reframe problems into opportunities for growth. Tim presently serves the ELCA as an intentional interim pastor and enjoys connecting people & organizations to the future. He also serves the church-at-large by being on the faculty of the Interim Ministry Network (IMN) training pastors from various countries and numerous denominations for interim/transitional ministry. Except for 3 summers and the mine remediation years, Tim and his family have been to Holden Village every year since 1978, and he has served on the summer teaching faculty several times. He was present in the village on May 18, 1980 as a youth director with @200 senior high youth and adults from various congregations throughout the Pacific Northwest when Mt. St. Helens erupted (“We heard it & felt it in the village”).

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