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Pang, Choong Chee

Professor Choong Chee Pang was born in Malaysia and is now a Singapore citizen. Educated in Nanyang University, Singapore, London, Aberdeen, Oxford Universities in Great Britain and Harvard University in the United States. He is a visiting professor of Peking, Fudan, Zhejiang, Wuhan, Sichuan Universities in China as well as the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also a senior research fellow of the Oxford-based Institute of Religion and Society in Asia. He also served for many years as a member of the Religious Council of the President of the Republic of Singapore. He appears quite frequently on TV to speak on current affairs, and has been a judge for the International Varsity Debate, jointly sponsored by China Central Television (CCTV) and the Singapore TV. His academic interest includes Philosophy, Biblical Studies, Biblical Greek, Theology, Sinology and Comparative Studies of Cultures. His more recent works include a two-volume Chinese commentary on The Gospel of John (2010), Is the Separation of Politics and Religion a Myth?(2008), A Collection of Beida Essays (2012). Many of his articles in Chinese and English as well as art works (paintings) have appeared in various publications, in Singapore and abroad. Prof Choong is also a self-taught artist, and has been very active in the art circles both at home and abroad. His paintings have also won a number of prizes.

(bio from Henan University, China, website 2014)

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