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Borchardet, Conie

Conie is a listener, a vibration, and a heartist working for personal healing and collective liberation. A Gen X-er born to new and old immigrants from Europe and Asia on land first familiar to the Dakota nation and now known as Minnesota, Conie is curious about the influences that form and inform us and telling the stories of where we've been and where we are going.

Using sound and song, movement and dance, mindfulness and listening, meditation and ritual, Conie helps individuals and groups center themselves in their present reality and lovingly transforms Pain and Possibility into Power and Progress. Conie is a Full Voice Framework™ coach, Dances of Universal Peace Leader, presenter with Music that Makes Community, spiritual director, labyrinth designer and facilitator, Interplay enthusiast, and visual artist.

As a church musician, she stands with the Lutheran choral and organ tradition under her feet and steps forward at St. Mary's Episcopal Church and dinner church Table 229 in St. Paul, MN, to bring community together in meaningful ways with aural tradition song leading skills, an interest in embodied prayer practices, and weaving various musical styles.

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