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Laderach, Kirsten

Kirsten is a minster of word and sacrament with the ELCA. She is currently living and working in Madagascar as the Country Coordinator for YAGM (Young Adults in Global Mission), a program of the ELCA. She is living in Antananarivo, the country’s capital and travels throughout the island supporting young adult volunteers and the work of church accompaniment. Prior to this call, she worked in Stockton, California as a Pastor at Zion Lutheran Church. Kirsten received the Graduate Preaching Fellowship from Luther Seminary upon graduation in May 2011 and traveled for a year in India, South Africa and Israel/Palestine. That year was a year of experientially studying wealth and poverty, racial divisions and religious pluralism and strife. Specifically, she studied Dalit Theology, Post-Apartheid/Apartheid in South Africa and walked the bible and crossed religious boundaries in Israel/Palestine.

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