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Hinderlie, Maren

This is a comment from a student at Metro State after a class I taught in Storytelling.
“So there I am sitting in class. I heard a noise at the doorway. Looked up and in walks Maren, draped in a thousand stories. From her cowboy boots skyward every square inch radiated a barely suppressed mischief. I had no idea what we were in for but I was pretty sure it was going to be fun.”
I had no idea I made such audible entrances! This just illustrates how much I learn from my students every time I teach storytelling. Fun ? Yes of course we have fun in this happy exchange that reveals the fabulousness of all our ordinary lives.

Quickly put: I began telling stories when I told my first lie! Was first hired to tell tales from the great oral traditions of the world by Bernard Pollishuk for the 1967 King County Libraries Summer Storytelling. in Washington I have been teaching and telling stories ever since. Some of my clients have been the Minneapolis Public Libraries, Senior Residencies and Services, The Guthrie Theatre, MN. State Arts Board, Universities in Norway, International Childrens’ Peace Festival, Norwegian Cultural Olympics, Lillehammer Norway. plus many church and community events

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