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Habel, Norman

Norm Habel is Professorial Fellow at Flinders University and teaches at the Adelaide College of Divinity. He has long been involved in issues of biblical interpretation and social justice. Among his writings is a major commentary on the biblical book of Job. He has published Reconciliation: Searching for Australia’s Soul, a work that traces our journey from being racists to advocates of reconciliation and includes rites of healing at specific sites. His current major research includes The Earth Bible, an international project with other scholars reading the Bible from the perspective of Justice for the Earth. He is concerned that we, as human beings, re-connect with Earth as a sanctuary, a living planet and an expression of God’s presence. During the 1960’s and early 1970’s Norman was an active participant in Holden Village, lecturing, creating worship, writing songs and combining with Herb Brokering to write the play: Mary Had a Little Lamb. He is one of the team of writers who has prepared the Study Book for the Lutheran World Federation Assembly in 2003.

(Bio from summer 2002)

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