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Mische, Elyse-Krista

Elyse-Krista is an artist gypsy and mixed-media illustrator from the Midwest. Her work begins with intricate illustrations that are rich in symbolism and narrative about concepts of time, wealth, ephemeral existence, and the fine line between our conscious and subconscious beings. She then creates costumes and props, translating the themes and imagery from her two dimensional drawings into three dimensional Live Drawings. Elyse-Krista has a BA in Visual Art from Lawrence University and has done work study trades at Penland and Arromont School of the Crafts. She was an artist in residence at Holden Village in 2015, recently completed an NEA funded residency at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, CO, and will be the artist in residence at the Charles Adams Studio Project in Lubbock, TX the fall of 2016.

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