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Frerichs, Jonathan

Here are some short facts. Significant Others include my wife Marian and two children who are now young adults (all Holdenites), plus five siblings and friends old and new from living in various parts of the world. Resides in Geneva, Switzerland. Works at step-by-step progress toward big goals that serve pretty much everyone ('global public goods' is one way to categorize these) -- e.g. inching toward the future where people and governments have turned their back on the last 70 years and embraced the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons; getting churches not to invest in the occupation of Palestinian territory one company at a time. Makes music as a member of a parish choir that is led by a wonderful minister of world Christian music, Terry MacArthur. Moved by the movie 'The Life of Others', a story about life in East Germany. Influenced by the book 'Long March to Freedom', Nelson Mandela's autobiography. Educated mostly by life but supplemented with short interludes at University of Michigan, Augsburg College and St. Peters Lutheran College, and with regular but shorter interludes in Bible studies and in seminars and field trips for international affairs, humanitarian, historical and cultural purposes.

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