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Saga of Nanny Bozo and Nanny Bozo Meets His Father

Recorded in 1985
Added to the online collection August 18, 2008

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Randy Faro writes about these

Randy Faro writes about these sessions:

"I did the Saga of Nanny Bozo series back in '85 when about 40 of us from my congregation, Our Savior's Lutheran, Regina, Saskatchewan, all came to Holden the same week. I wanted to offer something for the children, so I told these bedtime stories in Koinonia right after chapel and before the Village Philosopher began the evening's open forum. The first night we had somewhere around twenty children and a few parents. By the fifth night there was standing room only and people hanging over the balcony. These come from a series of stories that I made up and told my own children during their growing up years. I am now telling them to my grandchildren."

"Nanny Bozo is an Indian (Little Greenfeet tribe) who was raised by a giant mamma grizzly bear, Soft Golden Fur. The first story (the birth narrative) explains how that came to be, and in successive stories Nanny Bozo connects with his Little Greenfeet heritage while maintaining his relationship with his forest friends."