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The legacy and history of Holden Village belong to everyone. For more than five decades, teachers, scholars and artists from all disciplines have given time and spirit to come to this place in the wilderness for the express purpose of freely sharing their gifts. The resulting sessions, discussions and seminars, which have been faithfully recorded by Village volunteers, constitute a collection of great breadth and importance.

James Cone, Founder of Black Liberation Theology Has Died


"Cone is best known as the father of black liberation theology. In his ground-breaking works, Black Theology & Black Power (1969); A Black Theology of Liberation (1970); and God of the Oppressed (1975), Cone upended the theological establishment with his vigorous articulation of God’s radical identification with black people in the United States. His eloquent portrayal of Christ’s blackness shattered dominant white theological paradigms, and ignited a wave of subsequent American liberation theologies." -- Union Theological Seminary New York City

To Be at Holden: The Slow Boat to Paradise

John Noltner shares his thoughts with us upon coming back to Holden Village.

This is an excerpt of his first session in the village the summer of 2016.

2016 In the Village . . .

Do you wish you could have been in the village attending the teaching program this forerunner summer?

The 2016 Forerunner summer was one of restoring, reforming and refreshing the village. It was also a time of reflection and study. For our Holden family who were not in the village this year, our teaching staff invite you to a fireside chat about their summer in the village and to explore all of their sessions.

A Conversation with Mark Thompson Telling Stories of Holden Village Early Days

Never before heard stories of some of the earliest days of Holden Village told by Mark Thompson to Larry Howard and Josh Post in December, 2015. Mark and his uncle Reuben Thompson came to the village in May, 1961 as year-round residents having never been to the village before!


I've Never Heard His Voice Before!

Alina Lundholm.jpg

Alina Lundholm, granddaughter of Beany Lundholm, came to the village with other students from Augustana College for their January term to work and study. Alina joined the Audio Archive team for a few days and learned how to create mp3 files from cassette tapes and while there asked if we had any recordings of her grandfather.

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